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Vibram Fivefinger Barefoot Minimalist Shoes

Vibram Fivefinger Shoes

There has been an increase recently in the popularity of running. Runners understand the importance of getting the best equipment when out running. There are different brands and types of shoes that you can choose from. The best type of shoes to choose will depend on the type of runner that you are, especially if you are someone who prefers the concept of barefoot or minimalist running. If that is the case, the top brand on the market today is Vibram. Their special Vibram FiveFingers shoes have revolutionized how people look at barefoot running by offering high quality minimalist shoes and toe socks to really improve the runner’s experience.

For those that may not be familiar with barefoot running, you may wonder what this is about and why people would choose this method. One of the most attractive things about barefoot running is that it allows runners to run exactly how nature intended people to run. This method uses and activates the smaller muscles that are found in their foot. Barefoot running may also help to improve balance as well as improving proprioception. This allows the body to better sense the position of the runner’s ankle joint in relativity to their surroundings. Barefoot running may also be able to help strengthen the ligaments, tendons, and the muscles in your foot. Some studies have shown that it can also help to teach runners how to land on their forefoot instead of their heel. Other health benefits include a reduction in back pain, improved posture, and an overall reduction in pain after running.

One reason that people choose minimalist shoes over barefoot running is because they offer protection from painful debris while also offering a very lightweight shoe so that you can still gain the benefits of barefoot running. Your foot is also protected from the elements. Vibram Fivefingers is continuing to make a better shoe for runners. In 2016, they introduced their brand new Bikila Evo 2. With this shoe, they are hoping to create a more comfortable and thinner shoe without sacrificing the lightweight features that fans of this shoe brand have grown to love. This particular shoe is ideal for those people who have decided to make the switch from regular running shoes to barefoot running though this is a fantastic shoe even if you never make the transition to running completely barefoot.

There are quite a few runners that swear by this type running shoe, enough that may make you consider making the switch from your traditional running shoes to minimalist ones. Vibram is a leading brand in minimalist shoes because they are an innovative company that has made high quality shoes that people have fallen in love with. These revolutionary shoes have given runners the benefit of barefoot running while offering the protection of regular shoes, giving people the best of both worlds. The Vibram Sole and the Fivefingers design allow you to really ‘Feel Your Run’. When you combine these shoes with their toe socks, you really will maximize your running experience. These are comfortable shoes that give you the protection and grip that you need to be the best runner that you can be.

Here at Barefoot Junkie we will continue to bring you all the latest models, news and innovations that Vibram Fivefingers have to offer barefoot minimalist runners. As Vibram Fivefingers wearer’s ourselves we will enjoy them together.

Feel Your Run

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