New V-TOES Toe socks - In stock now at

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New V-TOES Toe socks - In stock now at

The new V-TOES Toe socks make a perfect partner for your Vibram Fivefingers. 

These new fivefingers toe socks comfort comes from their design and embedded technology.

Featuring their V-TOES TRUFIT design these toe socks have a reinforced heel and elasticised arch which conform to your ever-changing foot shape.  

The anatomical V-TOES individual pockets let your toes move and flex naturally and independently. The freedom this design gives to your feet allows you to perform at your best especially when wearing you Vibram Fivefingers.

The V-TOES offer excellent blister protection especially between the toes which eliminates skin on skin rubbing. Many endurance runners, minimalist or not embrace the benefits of an anotomic toe pocket design in maintaining foot health and form over long distances. 

Made from COOLMAX EXTREME The worlds most effective fibre based moisture management system. Designed to wick sweat away from the skin and through the fabric so it can evaporate quickly. This also helps maintain good foot health and offer better comfort.

These toe socks offer superior quality and performance for minimalist barefoot Fivefingers runners. They also offer the same benefits in conventional footwear when your not wearing your vibrams Fivefingers.

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