A word of warning regarding Fake and Scam websites

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A word of warning regarding Fake and Scam websites

Unfortunately there are some fake and scam websites which have fake or non-existent Vibram Fivefingers product listed on them.

If you are unsure of a website selling Vibram Fivefingers have a good look around the website

  • Take a couple of minutes to double-check the site.
  • Watch out for poor English, such as spelling and grammar mistakes, or phrases that don’t sound quite right.
  • It could mean the site isn’t genuine and was put together by someone abroad looking to make a quick profit.
  • You should also check that the website lists any contact information. 
  • Reputable and legitimate companies will always list ways to get in touch with them; if the website doesn’t have a ‘Contact us’ page, it could well be fraudulent. 
  • If the site does have ‘Contact us’ page but only offers a form to fill out, be wary as this could also be an indication of a dubious website. This is very important and an address and contact telephone number should be on the website.
  • Any company offering goods or services should list a place of business, as well as a phone number and email address through which to contact them.
  • If none of this information or only an email address is available, you should treat the website as highly suspicious.

Payment options

  • Alarm bells should ring if you are asked to pay for something online via a bank transfer. 
  • If you buy something that turns out to be fake or non-existent with a credit or debit card, you do have some rights to get your money back.

Are the offers to good to be true?

  • When you see very low prices with ridiculous discounts, you should be a bit suspicious. If prices seem too good to be true then, sadly, they probably are. 
  • Scam websites use low prices to lure bargain-hungry shoppers to quickly sell fake, counterfeit or non-existent items. 

Barefoot Junkie are a premium authorised Vibram Fivefingers seller based in the United Kingdom

We only sell Genuine Vibram Fivefinger product sourced directly from the Official UK Vibrams Fivefingers Distributor Charles Birch Limited.

Our address is :

Barefoot Junkie
288-289 High Street

Call us on 01522 537311

You can Email Us at sales@barefootvibrams.co.uk

If you have any concerns regarding a website selling Vibram Fivefingers that you think may be a scam you can contact us and we can offer advice.

Alternatively can also contact the Official UK Vibram Fivefingers Distributor

Charles Birch Limited

Unit 7 – 8 Fleethall Road
Purdeys Industrial Estate
Southend on Sea

tel: 01702 530656

email essex@charlesbirch.com



Here at Barefoot Junkie we hope this information helps all Vibram Fivefingers customers stay safe online 


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  • Michelle Shaw

    Thank you for putting this notice up it as been very informative. And it’s nice to see someone taking action. I have seen those to good to be true sights and steered away from them!
    Also my partner hasn’t tried them before and I had a bad experience with one of the pairs I bought bring to big. We were wondering are there any stores we can go shop in? Thank you Michelle

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