Vibram Fivefingers and Pronation

The following information is from our own personal experiences with Vibram Fivefingers and from customer feedback. Pronation primarily comes from the heel, this can be exacerbated overtime from wearing traditional trainers with a large heel drop to the forefront of the trainer from extra cushioning compounds in the heel. A traditional trainer can have different density foams and supports to try and correct pronation and can help reduce it. We have found with vibram fivefingers that the zero heel drop and the more natural barefoot feel and movement the Vibram fivefingers give you can help your feet correct themselves by using your feet the way they were designed by nature. In my experience, I have over pronation primarily in my right foot (not excessive and I do not need an orthotic), however it is there when I wear a traditional trainer. However when i wear my vibram fivefingers the problem is resolved. I do feel that my feet are more stable on the ground and I also feel that the great sensory feedback that the Vibram fivefingers give me also help me foot plant correctly. I have experienced other benefits from wearing them aslo. The styles I wear the most are the Spyridon MR, KSO EVO, V-Run and the KMD EVO.

In summary we have found that allowing your feet to move and act more naturally can help many people with pronation problems. Vibram fivefingers are definately worth a try.


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