#Vibram Move Freely Campaign

#Vibram Move Freely Campaign

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Take a look and journey into the future with us and join the #MoveFreely campaign.

Introducing the new thought provoking #Vibram Move Freely Campaign video.

Vibram FiveFingers were born from the desire to rediscover our natural environment directly through our connection to the ground (our feet). Vibram FiveFingers deliver a natural and sensory connection to the earth that conventional footwear simply does not provide.

This cinematic video takes us on a journey into the future to explore this concept further. A scientist is seen analysing artifacts and footprints left by Vibram FiveFingers. The way in which the prints appear and disappear leaves them somewhat perplexed and unable to conclude how the animal (human moved) and how these prints were found in each specific place.

The final conclusion comes in a statement 'whoever you are? wherever you roamed? you moved freely!

Do you already #MoveFreely the Vibram way?

If not, take a look at our extensive Vibram FiveFingers range and you too can change your future.

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