The best exercise for hips and hamstrings

The best exercise for hips and hamstrings

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Barefoot Junkie’s Move of The Month

Moving our body effectively is at the very foundation of what we believe in at Barefoot Junkie. That’s why we’re so passionate about Vibram FiveFingers and their ability to enable us to do just that.

Why its worth going barefoot

A ‘barefoot’ shoe, due to its design, amplifies a more natural form of running, more harmonious with human physiology, allowing your feet to move more naturally.

In turn a more natural movement can mean a reduction in common running injuries, many of which can be attributed to a more cushioned, supportive running shoe.

The benefits of moving better

We want to help you to move better in as many ways as possible and our exercise boffins have come up with a great mobility exercise for our first Move of The Month piece of content.

This sequence is excellent for:

  • Opening up your hips which in turn helps you to move better and improve posture
  • Stretching the hip flexor muscles at the front of your thighs and the hamstrings around the back
  • Strengthening your core muscles and helps to facilitate good trunk mobility
  • Your brain!, since the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and visa versa any unusual movement that involves both sides encourages your neural pathways to work a little harder
  • Showing off at parties!, it’s not as easy to do as it looks.

How to do the Half Sit Out

Step 1:

Best exercise for hips & hamstrings STEP 1• Start by standing on a firm, flat surface with your feet hip width apart

• Lean forwards and place your hands flat on the floor in front of your feet

• Bend from your hips instead of your knees.

You will feel this stretch through your hamstrings and calves. If you find it difficult to put your whole hand on the floor that’s ok. It may take practice to improve your flexibility.

Step 2:

Best exercise for hips & hamstrings STEP 2 Walk forwards with your hands, leave your feet where they are but lift your heels and move onto your toes

• Keep going until your body is straight and your arms are underneath your shoulders.

Step 3:

Best exercise for hips & hamstrings STEP 3• Lift your left foot off the floor, bend your knee and bring your foot back down on the floor right next to your left hand

• Try to keep your left hand still while doing this and make sure your right leg remains straight.

You’ll feel this stretch in your hamstrings at the back of your left leg and your hip flexors at the front of your right leg. If you find it too hard to move your left leg forward, drop down to your knees and try again.

Step 4:

Best exercise for hips & hamstrings STEP 4
• Now take your left hand away from the floor and stretch up, straightening your arm as if you are reaching towards the ceiling

Keep your legs still.

This will begin to stretch the muscles through your back and chest as well as strengthening your core muscles.

Step 5:

Best exercise for hips & hamstrings STEP 5

• Bring your arm back down and then move your right leg through to the front

• Try to do this without it touching the floor, moving your left foot or moving your right hand.

If this is too hard to do, you can slide your leg across the floor as you move it through. With practice you will improve.

Step 6:

Best exercise for hips & hamstrings STEP 6
• Finally, take your right leg back to the starting position and put your left hand back on the floor

• Then repeat the whole movement with your left leg and right arm.

    When you’ve completed the exercise on both sides, walk back towards your feet as you did at the start and stand up.

    That’s the workout!.

    You can repeat this movement several times and remember practice makes perfect.

      A bit about the shoes!

      Vibram Five Fingers KSO ClassicThe Vibram FiveFingers KSO Classic (Mens | Womens) was one of the first ever barefoot shoes developed. Possibly the most successful Fivefingers shoe to date and a Barefoot Junkie favourite.

      Recognised for its versatility in the gym or outdoors on a range of terrains whether you are scrambling across rocks or running along riverbanks in the great outdoors the you want to keep as much debris, grit and gravel out of your Fivefingers.

      You get a superb barefoot ground connectivity and sensory feedback from the KSO classics 3.5mm Vibram XS TREK rubber outsole compound, The sole is non-marking so fine for indoor use. And for even further grip the sole is what is know as razor-siped so as you naturally flex your feet more grip opens up.

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