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Barefoot Junkie’s Move of The Month Moving our body effectively is at the very foundation of what we believe in at Barefoot Junkie. That’s why we’re so passionate about Vibram FiveFingers and their ability to enable us to do just that. Why its worth going barefoot A ‘barefoot’ shoe, due to its design, amplifies a more natural form of running, more harmonious with human physiology, allowing your feet to move more naturally. In turn a more natural movement can mean a reduction in common running injuries, many of which can be attributed to a more cushioned, supportive running shoe. The...

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If you’re stuck for a little exercise motivation we’ve come up with a simple bodyweight circuit you can do anywhere. This workout is particularly great in your Vibram FiveFingers because not only will it help to strengthen your feet, you’ll need plenty of feedback from all those nerves down there to do the exercises properly. Take a look at the video and we’ve given you a little more information below on each exercise. Five exercises to strengthen your feet There are 5 exercises in total. Try to repeat the whole circuit 5 times. 1. Squats - 5 reps These are...

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