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Our new Video highlighting the versatile Vibram Furoshiki. Another multi award winning take on the minimalist concept. These are easy on and offer supreme comfort and portability. Enjoy

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People are seeking out the best Vibram FiveFingers for winter – and we’re here to help you find the perfect choice.

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Vibram Furoshiki wrap shoes are another great innovative approach to shoe design. Built upon the world renowned Vibram sole technology. Place your feet onto the Vibram soles and wrap them up Furoshiki style. The wrap system is non restrictive and lets your feet move whilst keeping them securely on your feet. The Vibram Furoshiki are very lightweight and the upper wrap is light and breathable. Great for everyday use and an ideal travel companion. at home in the the gym, for yoga, fitness and so much more. View the full Furoshiki range here Easy to put on and easy to...

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