What are the best barefoot shoes for winter?

What are the best barefoot shoes for winter?

People are seeking out the best Vibram FiveFingers for winter – and we’re here to help you find the perfect choice.

People are seeking out the best Vibram FiveFingers for winter – and we’re here to help you find the perfect choice.

Vibram have some great footwear that are designed for use in colder weather. Whether that’s in challenging terrain or just relaxing! 

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So you need all weather grip huh? … The V-Trek

Great for walking, hiking and trekking, these minimalist shoes provides grip in both wet and dry conditions, with a nice stylish urban flare as well.

The Flexible 4mm rubber outsole, featuring Megagrip rubber compound, provides the premium outdoor formula for grip in both wet and dry conditions. 4mm PU midsole adds a touch of cushion for all movements. 360° foot covering with newly developed upper material, a 50/50 blend of wool and synthetics fibres, provide mechanical strength and durability.

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And you need some cold weather insulation? . . .Trek Ascent Insulated

The Trek Ascent Insulated provide Vibram fivefingers and barefoot footwear wearers a great cold weather option.

Vibram Trek Ascent Insulated great for winter image

Thicker and warmer

The warm insulated layer and a Vibram sole similar in design and feel to the Trek Ascent and V-Trek. The sole is engineered with an ICETREK, a special Vibram compound for use and increased grip in colder climates.

The Trek Ascent upper is thicker and warmer than all other Vibram Fivefingers and the uppers nylon shell offers some water resistance.

Still with great grip

The deeper tread on the specially designed Vibram Fivefingers sole offers a great grip on uneven ground. 

Whilst great for trekking and walking, the Trek Ascent Insulated is perfectly fine to run in and for general urban use. Even though the sole does have a deeper tread pattern this does not affect the great barefoot feel.

Wearing the Trek Ascent in the great outdoors really does let you connect with your environment giving great sensory feedback via your feet and their contact with the ground. It is a fantastic experience we would love you to try.

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Need a full on boot? - Vibram Furoshiki Boots

Soft and flexible material wraps your foot in all-day comfort with a minimalist design allows you to feel free with the support of a lightly cushioned footbed.


Comfortable and fashionable

Stylish, fashionable and supremely comfortable this range of Furoshiki boots are. When you first put your feet inside one of these boots, you would marvel at how soft it feels. You could keep on wearing these boots throughout the day! providing fantastic urban footwear, they are very stylish capitalising on the fashion craze of slimmer and lighter looking shoes for both women and men.

And . . . Still with great grip!

But its not all about the style! Furoshiki Boots maintain great stability and security with the superior traction and grip of the patented eco-rubber Vibram outsole, specially designed for winter conditions.

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