Here at Barefoot Junkie, the ground we run on is just as important as the shoe we run in. Without this we would have nothing. We recognise that the world is changing rapidly and have therefore implemented several schemes in order to do our bit to help the environment and improve our impact the world we live in.

So far we have changed all our packaging to Bio-degradable parcel bags containing the biodegradable additive biothene. Our mailbags are 100% degradable and offer a planet friendly alternative to the majority of other packaging solutions on the market. We have adopted a paper free system to reduce waste. This includes our new paper free marketing campaign. We no longer send paper invoices to customers however should you require a paper invoice, please contact us.

Vibram have also adopted the same environmentally friendly ethos. They have just launched the brand new VTC (Vibram Technological Centre) in Guangzhou, (China) which is committed to protecting the environment through the use of solar panels and water heaters. Fivefingers® cardboard cartons are now made from 100% recycled materials and water based ink. Fivefingers® soles comprise of 10% recycled EVA from EVA midsole flash.

Here are just a few of the initiatives we have come up with to try to do our bit to be greener. If you can think of anything else we could be doing to help, please get in touch at the email address below and let us know. We want to do all that we can to reduce our impact on our environment!