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Vibram Fivefingers

EL-X Mens

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Size:EU 37

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Vibram Fivefingers EL-X mens

The Vibram Fivefingers EL-X mens  are designed to be simple and effective in delivering their barefoot footwear experience. The EL-X's ultra minimalist sole is shared with the best selling Vibram Fivefinger ..are designed to be simple and effective in delivering their barefoot footwear experience.

The EL-X's ultra minimalist sole is shared with the best selling Vibram Fivefingers KSO EVO and part of the Max Feel range. The 3mm rubber outsole is manufactured from the brilliant Vibram XS Trek compound. This technical compound is very flexible, has great wet traction and can be not only outdoors but is great for indoor use also due to its non-marking feature.

The EL-X Mens upper is made from a highly breathable polyester mesh material and reinforced in section with a PU Film for protection. The elasticated neck off138r great comfort and a secure fit. The simple slip on upper gives a sung fit, like a second skin.

Inside the EL-X Mens is a 2mm EVA insole with a this Drylex sock liner for added comfort .

The simple design philosophy of the EL-X Mens keep the price of this incredibly popular barefoot shoe in Vibram Fivefingers range at a great entry level price.


We have found the EL-X Mens is perfect for the gym and great for a wide range of activities such as..

  • Functional Fitness Training and Gym work
  • Pylometrics, balance and strengthening workouts.
  • Martial Arts
  • Weight Lifting offering a great level push off surface
  • Travel and general use, lightweight and easily packable.
  • Water sports

As we can see Vibram FiveFingers EL-X mens can be used for numerous ultra minimalist barefoot protected activities. One particular use we have found and will focus on is for weight lifting and gym work where you will want the stability, strength and power from training in bare feet but where many gym's require their members to wear something on their feet. This can be for safety and hygiene reasons. The EL-X mens solves this.


The Vibram Fivefingers EL-X Mens share the common traits associated all Vibram Fivefingers barefoot shoes.

  • Designed to work with your feet and not against their natural shape.
  • Zero heel drop keeping you naturally planted to the ground.
  • Fantastic proprioception and feedback from the feet to the brain.
  • Allow as much natural foot movement as possible whilst offering a protective Vibram sole.

*Machine or hand washable cold. Let Air dry or drip dry. (Fast Drying) do not use direct heat to dry them such as use a hairdryer or place on a direct heat source such as a radiator

Product Details

Vibram Style Code :13M0101

Style Name : EL-X Mens Black

Main Colours : Black Upper with Black Sole

Sole Type: XS Trek

Sole Thickness : 3mm

Weight :EU43 at Approx 125g per shoe.

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