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Vibram is known for making extremely durable outsoles, and every Furoshiki shoe is built from the sole up. Called “The Wrapping Sole”, our Furoshiki shoes pay tribute to the Japanese tradition of wrapping, holding and carrying various objects in cloth. Similar in concept to swaddling a newborn, except your feet benefit are wrapped in the comfort and compression of the soft, stylish Furoshiki shoes. The unique design makes all Furoshiki extremely portable, versatile, and easy to get on and off. Great for walking through the city, relaxing around the house, or traveling via car, bus, or plane, Vibram Furoshiki will comfortably fit your feet wherever you walk.

Sizing for Furoshiki is entirely unique. The tightness of the wrapping technology is a matter of personal preference. Please use the sizing information as a general guide in determining your size.

Size Guide

EU Size        UK Size

27/28            J9.5/10

29/30            J11/11.5

31/32            J12.5/13.5 

33/34            1/2

35/36            2.5/3.5


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