Barefoot walking is great for your health

Barefoot walking is great for your health

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There are many things you can do in a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. Often though people associate our barefoot shoes with running or going to the gym. However, our feet can grow stronger whatever we use them for. There’s no reason why you can’t wear Vibram FiveFingers for almost anything.

During 2020 as everyone was adapting to the many changes brought on by Covid 19, people started walking more. It became a daily habit for many who had never even considered it as a form of regular exercise before. While some people have continued the habit, many have slipped back into old ones. Sitting down has once again become the more common position for many.

At Barefoot Junkie we want to bring walking back. Better still, let’s do it in a pair of Vibram’s barefoot shoes. Some are ideal for walking like the V-Trail 2.0 or V-Trek but when the weather is great you can walk in just about any shoe in the range. The vibrant new orange V-Alpha’s for example are ideal for both walking and running.

So why walk?

There are many health benefits to a daily walk apart from the obvious muscular strengthening and calorie burning ones.

Walking is great for your heart

A daily short walk can actually help reduce your blood sugar which, in turn, is great news for your heart. In fact, the American Diabetes Association found that taking three 15 minute walks during the day could even be better than one, longer 45 minute one. While more research is needed here there are clear heart benefits to doing either.

Walking is great for your immune system

Yep, you can actually improve your immune system with walking. The British Medical Journal published a study that tracked 1,000 adults during flu season. The regular walkers had fewer sick days than their more sedentary counterparts.

If you started a walking habit during the height of the Covid pandemic you could have been helping to prevent yourself getting the virus more than you first thought.

Walking is great for your mental health

There have been numerous studies into the connection with exercise and mental health. Walking can actually trigger your happy hormones (especially if the weather is nice). Plus, walking can help reduce anxiety, depression and help you sleep better when you get home.

Walking is great for thinking

We all lead busy lives and often find it hard to be creative purely because our brains are so full of the stuff we need to think about every day.

However, go for a walk and gradually your mind begins to clear. When your mind is empty you can solve problems, think with more clarity and even get more creative.

So, let’s celebrate walking more and all the health benefits it can bring. With a great range of Vibram FiveFingers all perfect for walking you can really connect with the ground and get even more benefits from a simple walk.

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Jane Watson

Jane Watson

I am 69yrs. I have a pair of your 5 fingers. How can I build up to walking with them. I’m told they are the best shoes to ware for walking

I am 69yrs. I have a pair of your 5 fingers. How can I build up to walking with them. I’m told they are the best shoes to ware for walking

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