Running Off Road in Vibram FiveFingers

Running Off Road in Vibram FiveFingers

Running Off Road in Vibram FiveFingers

When you run in Vibram FiveFingers, you see the trails differently. You notice things like lichen and fungus growing on a fallen log or the way sunlight filters through the trees during an afternoon shower. It’s almost as if your brain rewires itself so that these sensory details that usually go unnoticed become salient. There is something about running in Vibrams that makes you more aware of your senses, which is why so many people love running trails in their VFFs. Vibram FiveFingers allow you to feel every pebble and twig underneath your feet. The more you wear them, the more your feet will be able to adapt to varying terrain. There are plenty of benefits to running trails in Vibram FiveFingers and here are just a few of them:



Vibram FiveFingers help you run faster and with more stability.

When you run in Vibrams, your feet are not cushioned by thick soles, so your muscles and tendons have to work harder to stabilize your joints. This means you’ll improve your biomechanics, running form and strength over time. Your foot muscles will get stronger and sturdier, which helps you run faster and with more stability. Your ankles will become more flexible, which means you’ll be able to absorb the impact of a trail even better. You’ll be able to move through uneven terrain with a lot more agility and grace. This is because you’ll be closer to the ground and will have a more direct sensory connection to the earth.


Vibram FiveFingers allow you to be incredibly agile on trails.

When you run in Vibrams, every step feels lighter and more agile, like you are carving a path through the woods. You’ll be lighter on your feet, making quick turns and pivoting much more easily. You’ll be able to navigate uneven terrain with ease and will feel more in tune with the trail. Vibrams give you a more tactile and direct connection to the trail. This can help you navigate the terrain more intuitively and tune in to your surroundings. You’ll be able to feel the trail more and have better stability on uneven terrain. Vibrams allow you to be more nimble and agile as you run through the woods.


Running in Vibrams helps strengthen your feet, ankles and calves.

When you run trails in Vibrams, you are engaging your calves and ankles more and strengthening those muscles. Since you are not wearing super-cushioned shoes, your muscles have to work harder to stay balanced and keep your joints stable. This will help strengthen your feet, ankles and calves over time. This can also help prevent injuries. Your feet are closer to the ground, so you are able to feel the trail more. This allows you to have better proprioception and balance. As you run in Vibrams, you’ll learn to adapt and move more efficiently on different terrains. This can help improve your technique and prevent injuries.


You’ll experience less impact with Vibrams on your feet.

When you run in Vibrams, you are directly connected to the ground and so you’ll feel each pebble, twig and stone underneath your feet. This helps reduce the impact on your joints. Case example is walking on pebbles in bare feet. Your brain automatically tells you to walk lightly to avoid your feet from hurting. In the same way, when running in Vibram FiveFingers, you feel the ground and surface so you automatically adjust your stride and the weight you put through each step, resulting in less impact.


You’ll have better balance and proprioception.

When you run in Vibrams, you are more aware of each step as they connect more directly to the ground. This helps improve your proprioception, or your body’s awareness of itself in space. This can help improve your balance and proprioception. Vibrams allow your feet to move naturally, without being constrained by thick soles. This allows you to move more efficiently and naturally when you run. You’ll be able to tune into your body and be more aware of the ground underneath you. You’ll also be more connected to the trail as you run in Vibrams, which can help improve your proprioception. You will have a better awareness of your surroundings and feel more connected to the trail.



Vibram FiveFingers are perfect for trail running because you feel the trail with every step. You become more aware of your body, senses, and surroundings as you run in Vibrams. They are lightweight and breathable, and help you to adapt to varying terrain. With so many benefits, there are plenty of reasons to try trail running in Vibrams. Why don’t you try it out and see what you’ve been missing?

We strongly believe all of the above to be true, but we always suggest that you do your own research amd draw your conclusions.

Daniel Lieberman has done many case studies and we would recommend you searching his work for more detailed information.

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