From bad knees to happy un-interupted Marathon training. Isabelle tells us her story.

From bad knees to happy un-interupted Marathon training. Isabelle tells us her story.

We asked our customers to share their personal experience with Vibram FiveFingers with 5 questions. Here's Isabelle's story.

1.Why do you wear Vibram FiveFingers?

When I met my husband I had been running for a couple of years but had always struggled with a bad knee. He was already wearing Vibram fivefingers and suggested I try them. My knee has never hurt since (nor have any other joints in my body for that matter!)

2.What do you use them for most and how have FiveFingers made a difference?

I use them for running (I ran the London marathon this year) and I have no issues at all with any joint pain! I completed it in 3:36 which I was very pleased with. As I haven't had any issues that other runners I know, seem to get. I was able to stick to my training plan ridgidly as there were no niggles or discomforts that meant I didn't need to have any time off. I have never seen anyone else running in fivefingers - which is a shame and I really love to sing the praises of them... I wouldn't run in anything else now.

I also love running through ;puddles in them - I get the instant refreshment but know they dry quickly

3.How do you respond to people who don't understand the benefits?

People often comment on them - especially at the start of a race - as a lot of people have never seen them before. They often say that they couldn't wear them as they have a certain issue or they pronate/overpronate so they wouldn't be suitable. I tell them that I have found it helpful for my joint problems and that my feet are very strong as a result of wearing them. I heard in a podcast recently with a physiotherapist that a third (I think) of all your joints are in your feet so they all need to be able to move properly or it can cause issues with other joints further up your body.

I can't imagine wearing trainers with a big heel - for me it seems so unnatural and when I walked around the running show before the London Marathon, they were the only types of trainer I could see which made me sad!

4.How did you discover FiveFingers?

When I  met my husband and he was already using them. I thought they looked a bit odd at first but I tried a pair and have never looked  back!

5.What other barefoot products do you wear?

I have worn other brands of barefoot shoes but only for casual use - I wouldn't ever run in anything other than fivefingers



I've attached some photos of me in them - they won't look the cleanest as they're well used!



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