How did you discover Vibram FiveFingers?

How did you discover Vibram FiveFingers?

We love learning how people discovered Vibram FiveFingers and the changes they have made to the way they move and sometimes even how they live. Sometimes the stories we receive are truly inspiring.

We love learning how people discovered Vibram FiveFingers and the changes they have made to the way they move and sometimes even how they live. Sometimes the stories we receive are truly inspiring.

So, whether you already love our barefoot shoes or you’re here for the first time, take a look at some of the amazing stories from our Barefoot Junkie tribe.

The best decision I’ve made in a long time.

I am visually impaired, or functionally blind. I have very bad eyesight. I haven’t been able to do any regular sports since I turned 30 and my eyesight took a nosedive. I cannot catch a ball, I cannot run and am barred, by insurance law, from riding a bike. I was sitting at home, in front of a laptop, for years. I became pudgy, lazy, and flabby. 

About 5 yrs ago, my daughter found these shoes, Vibram FiveFingers. I bought my 1st pair, the black EL-X. I fell in love. I became addicted. I now own several pairs. 

I became a dedicated hiker. My walking season begins around April. As the good weather kicks in, I begin to do distances, up to 25km. I come back home hallucinating, pupils dilated, my entire body rushing. My feet, ankles, pelvic area, lower back, knees, calves all have improved strength and stamina. I am now a slender, wiry 69-70 kilogram. I haven't hit that on the scales since I was maybe 34 or 35.

Because of my bad eyesight I've acquired a help dog, not a formal guide dog. He's a Siberian Husky, called Akira. As soon as I grab my barefoot shoes he's up and about and good to go.

How much of a Barefoot Junkie am I? Well, on rare occasions I will wear clogs, sometimes regular toe slippers but it's rare. I am either fully barefoot (indoors), or wearing Vibram FiveFingers. When I have to attend a funeral the black Vibrams look stylish enough. Funerals are uncomfortable enough, no need to wear tight leather loafers and hurt your feet on top of that.

Buying VibramFiveFingers has been THE best decision I've made in a long time. The impact on my health, mood, sleep, appetite has been nothing short of miraculous. And the way the ground, the road... dare I say it.... the way planet earth feels under my feet in Vibram FiveFingers is just amazing. 

Raymond Van Loon

Vibram FiveFingers helped me walk again.

Before my Vibrams I was suffering from Morton’s Neuroma which is an intensely sharp nerve pain between the toes, it got so bad from walking long hours at work that I could no longer wear shoes.

I also have very small feet. Very few shoes have fit me well in the past and now my poor toes were pleading with me for some space to breathe. After receiving no help from the doctors, I recalled a conversation with my father about Vibram FiveFingers and decided it was my last resort.

At first, it was difficult to get my toes into the Vibrams as they just weren’t used to being apart. At this point I felt defeated and frustrated at my own body and I NEEDED them to fit. But once I relaxed and figured out how to adjust them into the shoe they fit like a glove. I got quicker and quicker at putting them on over time, so be patient Vibram virgins there’s no need to force it. Your time will come.

I have now been able to start wearing other barefoot shoes (with a wider toe box), this has given me back my freedom. Something as simple as walking with shoes I took for granted. As scary as this journey was, it made me appreciate the small luxuries we have that would be giant to others. 

Joanelle Tyne

They connect you to the planet like no other shoe.

I started running pure barefoot 10 years ago and trained to run striking toes first. I wanted to run off road and realised that I needed something to protect my skin from things I could not see in the grass or in the sand, running on footpaths was easy as I could see glass glistening.

That was when I bought my first pair of Vibram FiveFingers. I have not run in any other shoes since!

I have run 7 marathons off road and too many half marathons that I have lost count, over 100. I have never had an injury from running and I use them to run on any terrain from paths, through woods and fields, along sandy beaches and stony ground.

I have achieved fastest first female for a half marathon around Portland Dorset. The terrain involves running along stony Chesil beach, up the cliffs of the goat path and down the cliff sides. I have achieved other road positions including 2nd and 3rd fastest females in my Vibram barefoot shoes that truly allow you to run barefoot but without the risk of standing on something unexpected.

I absolutely love running barefoot. It connects you to the planet like no other shoe and you’re doing the work, not the shoe. By running barefoot you are using your body and muscles how they should be used. Take the leap.

Sarah Hyde

Vibram FiveFingers have literally got me on my feet.

My name is Leigh and I am an Emergency Nurse. About 10 years ago whilst working outreach emergency I got taken over a bridge by a drunk patient. I broke my back and put some ribs through a lung. Thankfully my spinal cord was intact.

After months of rest and rehab and some numbness to my foot I developed partial foot drop. My trauma surgeon said deal with it and get some podiatry. Another doctor friend said go barefoot and it will be fine. So I bought my first of many pairs of Vibram FiveFingers and now they are all I wear.

I run/swim in my V-Aquas with my dog Alan, I trail run in my V-Trails, I winter run in my Trek insulated and chill in my CVTs. I’m about to purchase some KSO Eco for chilling in too. Oh and I also wear my Trek insulated to work as an Outreach and Emergency Specialist Nurse. Vibram FiveFingers have literally got me on my feet.

Leigh Evans

Now I also have beautiful feet.

I was at a festival 5 years ago and saw the most beautiful feet. They belonged to a beautiful man who was chilling out listening to music in a tent. I felt like I had to meet the owner of such fine feet. So I did.

After making small non foot related pleasantries, I worked the conversation to yoga, balance and how important the feet are. The compliment I gave about his indicative balance from his strong looking feet encouraged him to talk about foot health. I joked and asked him his secret, he said, "I'll show you outside the tent." 

Expecting some crazy foot strengthening acrobatic move beyond my capabilities, I was pleasantly surprised when he fished out from a shoe pile, a pair of bright blue green Vibram FiveFingers. 

I ordered a pair as soon as I got home and still wear that same pair today. Now I also have beautiful feet.

Rosetta Russo

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