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Smell Well

SmellWell Odour Eliminator Insert Pouches Blush Pink

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Color:Blush Pink

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The SmellWell Odour Eliminator Shoe and Sports Kit Insert pouch is a very effective Swedish/Canadian invention.

SmellWell makes your stuff smell well.

Barefoot Junkie are pleased to stock this great product. Although your Vibram Fivefingers are machine washable and very quick drying there may be a need to keep them everyday fresh. Having tested the SmellWell Odour Eliminating shoe pouches, we think they are the answer to keeping your Vibram Fivefingers fresher between washes.

Supplied in pairs, 2 insert pouches per pack.

Colour/Design : Blush Pink

The SmellWell Pouches are very easy to use and look great. They come in pairs, packs of 2 pouches, just pop them into your Vibram Fivefingers at the end of the day. The special crystals effectively remove odour, leave a fresh scent and absorb moisture.

The SmellWell Pouches are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, 5 star conforming to  REACH regulations. So they do not use and chemicals harmful to Humans or the environment.

Instructions - Supplied in pairs. Put one SmellWell in each shoe or into your sporting equipment or gym kit bag overnight and feel the difference! In some cases it may take a couple of days for the full effect to be achieved. Do not wash the SmellWell Pouches, the contents contain special crystals that act as a natural filter. If they smell musty after a period of use, we recommend that you leave them out to let the air get to them. If they have been exposed to excessive moisture the crystals may solidify, in this case they can be crushed up again. Smell Well hold the majority of their scent, approximately 3-4 months from the time you break the plastic. The life span can vary depending on what they are used for. Generally shortened lifespan when used in areas with high relative humidity. If they are used in a pair of sweaty hockey gloves, they may then work harder than in a pair of sneakers.

There are many uses for SmellWell Pouches, here are some of them - you will find more.

  • Vibram Fivefingers
  • Other shoes and trainers
  • Hockey and Boxing Gloves
  • Shin Pads
  • Training and gym bags
  • Cars and closets


physical process
Smell Well absorb moisture and odors in including shoes and sports equipment. This is achieved by a purely physical process where moisture is absorbed and the VOCs are adsorbed, so that the odour disappears. Then Smell Well acts through a physical process subject to the product not of the EU Regulation 528/2012 (Biocides). The product does not contain biocides or substances with the ECHA's list of particularly hazardous substances (SVHC).
Smell Well leaves a mild pleasant odour. Those who are very allergic or hypersensitive to smells should possibly avoid using the product.