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Trainer Armour

Trainer Armour Big Toe Hole Preventor Patches

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Trainer Armour Big Toe Hole Preventer patches


These innovative beauties are a welcome addition to our range.

Trainer Armour - what is it and how does it work?

Trainer Armour Big Toe Hole Preventor Patches are a reinforced self-adhesive patch and applicator system that prevents your big toe wearing a hole in your Vibram FiveFingers.

Trainer Armour is a thin patch that fits inside your big toe area, just above where your your big toe sits. It is is designed to be unnoticeable after fitting and is manufactured from tough abrasive and tear resistant material.

The applicator system ensures that the patch sticks in the correct place without any danger of sticking it to yourself, the furniture or stray pets.

​These are best used at the point of purchasing your new Vibram FiveFingers to deter any unwanted holes developing. However they can be applied if a hole start to appear to extend the life of your shoe. Many runners suffer from black toes in conventional footwear due to their toes lifting upon ground impact. Whilst Wearing Vibram FiveFingers will largely eliminate this, over lifting of the toes can cause unwanted wear and damage to the upper. You will know if this has been a problem for you in the past.

Each pack contains two self-adhesive patches, a left foot applicator and a right foot applicator.

Trainer Armour is a patented product that is designed and manufactured in the UK


Kit includes:

     2x Big Toe Hole Preventer patches

     1x Left foot applicator

     1x Right foot applicator

     User instructions

     Link to video user guide

  • Product Specification

    • Rigid printed card applicators (recyclable)
    • Suitable for shoe sizes from UK size 3 up to UK size 12
    • Applicators can be trimmed to size with a pair of sharp scissors
    • Self-adhesive patches are secured onto the applicators ready for us


    Style :Trainer Armour Big Toe Hole Preventor Patches

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