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Vibram Toe Socks

Vibram Merino Wool-Blend Crew Toe Socks Military Green

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Size:X Large EU (46+)

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Comfortable Merino Wool-Blend Crew Toe Socks
Arch Compression
Made by Vibram
Flexible Toes compatible with all Vibram Fivefingers shoes
The Merino wool blend toe socks are a stretch fit designed to fit like a glove for your feet. This fit will add approximately 1mm to your feet dimensions which rarely affects the size of shoe you choose. They can also be worn with a conventional trainer. The benefits of this along with the obvious need for the toe socks for Vibram Fivefingers shoes are that they wick moisture more effectively from between the toes. This is great for general  foot health and has also been known to help clear up or prevent athletes foot and also for anti-blistering between the toes.
Tech specs
Material : Merino Wool + 200N Knitting + Tight Fit
Composition : 70% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon, 5% Lycra
Machine Wash - Do not bleach - Do not Iron - Do not Dry Clean
Model : S18C01