The perfect moves for your Vibram FiveFingers

The perfect moves for your Vibram FiveFingers

There are literally no limits to what you can do it Vibram FiveFingers. Many people choose them for running, strength training or HIIT workouts. But you can literally wear them all day every day.

They particularly shine when we move in ways that require us to know precisely what’s going on under our feet. That really applies to yoga.

Yoga instructor Amy Mercado only discovered Vibram FiveFingers fairly recently and can’t stop wearing them. We asked her to share some flows that are both perfect for cooling down after exercise or an early morning stretch. In fact, both of these flows are ideal to help improve your posture so you can move better all the time.

Watch the video below and read Amy’s notes so you know how to do each exercise safely and effectively.

Flow #1

Thread The Needle:

Begin on all fours, distribute your bodyweight evenly as you inhale and lift your right arm to open and rotate your body which will open your right side with your head and eye following your arm (gently contract right shoulder back as you rotate).

Then exhale and thread your right arm under your left side.

Repeat the movements for your left arm and then gently rest your body weight and hold position, lengthening your left arm out with an inhale exhale.

Melting heart pose/ Puppy Pose:

From a kneeling position, inhale and walk your arms out (maintain soft bend in elbows and lift your bum up).

Exhale and melt your heart towards floor, gently resting your forehead or chin on/towards the mat.

Chest, shoulder and tricep opener #1:

Inhale into kneeling position then exhale and bend both elbows.

Inhale again and press your palms lightly together.

Exhale and send your thumbs towards your upper back whilst your hips move lightly toward your heels.

Chest, shoulder and tricep opener #2:

Inhale - Tuck in your toes, coming into kneeling position (knees shoulder width apart).

Exhale - Lift your chest, opening arms out to bent position at a 90 degree angle.

Inhale - Lightly contract and squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Exhale - Push your hips forwards (squeeze glutes to protect lower back) and open your chest.

Inhale - Back into kneeling position

Exhale - Hands back to heart space

Flow #2


Lightly press your hips to sky (soft bend in your knees)

Inhale - Gently lift right leg whilst evenly distributing your body weight through your whole body.

Exhale - bending knee to open your hip

Inhale, Exhale as you circle leg to open your hip. Make 3 circles

Inhale - Stepping right leg behind left side and sit your glutes (bum) to the floor

Exhale - Press hips to sky and extend right arm up/behind into Wild Thing

Inhale - Transition your glutes to the floor then step your right foot outside your right hand and lower your left knee to floor or hover.

Exhale - Press lightly into hands and lift your chest and chin into Jaguar

Inhale - Step your left foot outside your left hand

Exhale – Drop your glutes towards the floor as you lift your chest and crown of the head

Inhale - Bring your hands together in front of your heart whilst pressing bodyweight into your heels (your heels may need to lift) into Yogi Squat

(You’ll need quite a bit of flexibility to nail the Yogi Squat so don’t be disappointed if you can’t make it all the way down at first attempt).

Exhale - Come onto back with your knees shoulder width apart

Inhale - Walk heels as close to glutes as possible

Exhale - Elevate hips up, pressing bodyweight into feet, bring hands under  whilst walking shoulders under back into Bridge

Inhale/exhale - Drop hips to reset

Inhale - Option to repeat or come into full Wheel. Palms to mat behind shoulders

Exhale - Press hips up to sky

(Again, the Wheel is a tricky move to master and may take some practice).

About Amy.

Amy Mercado is a passionate Yoga & Holistic Fitness Instructor, Breathwork and Meditation Teacher and Lifestyle Mentor.

She’s been sharing the life-changing benefits of yoga and fitness for over 13 years through classes, workshops, festivals, private and corporate sessions, and has taught all over the globe including the UK, New York, Mexico & Israel.

Give her some love by following her on Instagram at @themercadomethod or visit

She’s wearing a pair of grey KSO Eco’s in the video. Check them out here.

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